Clínica Optimus U – Clinical Research

Executive Leadership

Dr. Yaneicy Gonzalez Rojas, MD

Founder, and president

Dr. Yaneicy Gonzalez Rojas, MD, is a Medical Doctor specializing in Internal Medicine. She serves  as a Principal Investigator at Optimus U Corp. With board certification in Internal Medicine, she brings extensive experience in clinical research, particularly in areas such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, obesity, and liver diseases. Dr. Gonzalez Rojas actively conducts clinical trials, ensuring the safe and ethical conduct of studies while collecting accurate data and communicating with subjects, sponsors, and institutional review boards.

Dr. Ahmad Aswad, MD

Founder, and president

Dr. Ahmad Aswad, a versatile MD and Nephrologist, serves as CEO and Clinical Investigator. With extensive experience in clinical trials, he is committed to advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. His expertise, multilingual skills, and dedication make him a valuable asset in healthcare.